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WedLove Wedding Planner – The Something Blue You Have Been Waiting For

WedLove Wedding Planner – The Something Blue You Have Been Waiting For

Lovely lovely friends. I am SO EXCITED to share this beautiful gem with you all! I have been a fan of J.Lynn Designery for a while now, so when I saw that the newly married lady in charge collaborated with Ribbon Events to create this beautiful wedding planner, I just had to check it out.

So here it is! I went through each section of this planner and wrote down all the cool features I think you will love and find super helpful! Plus, I included plenty of images for you to take a look at all the gorgeous details!! 🙂

Let’s do this!


The first impression – I LOVE that there is a spot to write the couples name on the opening page! We all know how much we love to write our name on that first page of the planner and this little touch helps draw the focus from planning a wedding all by yourself, to the fact that this special day is for the both of you! Also, I really like that there is a small section to write down a few things about you as a couple (like your engagement story!! This will be so fun to look back on!) and what you are looking forward to on this journey. Also, there is a nifty pocket up front to keep things you get over the course of this wedding planning journey.


Engagement Timeline – This section is broken up into things to do to prepare for your big day! I love that it is set up as a checklist so that you can check off things as you get them accomplished – plus, there are a few lines to add in your own random “to do’s” that come up along the way. One small detail that caught my eye was the “book hair/makeup trials” – which we think is super important to do and best to schedule with your bridal portraits! That way you not only get your hair and makeup just how you like it, but you also get to put on and wear your dress around for a couple hours – which is THE BEST run through to make the wedding day getting ready process go smoothly!


The Planner – I have two very favorite sections in this wedding planner and this is the first one! This section is the largest section of the planner, and breaks down into many important “mini-sections” for things like Budgeting, Venues, Stationery, Attire/Beauty, etc. I am so excited to share with you how super helpful these are!! Just like your wedding, the good stuff is in the little personal touches 😉 I also love that at the end of each of these sections there is a spot to write the information for the vendor you ended up booking per that category!

  • Budgeting – I love the breakdown for the budget. It covers all the bases, but isn’t overwhelming. There is also room for you to add on things specific to your budget!


  • Venues – This mini section has spots for certain details about both the ceremony site and reception venue, so when you bring this perfectly sized planner with you to meetings (or keep in next to you as you search online) you have an idea of things to ask/look for!
  • Stationery – This section is super helpful! It has a section with invitation essentials and a list of things like programs, signage, table number, etc. so they aren’t forgotten and are planned for in advance!
  • Attire/Beauty – Oh my, checklists are so very nifty! This section makes sure you have all the things you need with you on the day of your wedding (gown, veil, garter, day-of bag, something old, new, borrowed and blue, etc.) AND it also has similar checklists for your bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen!
  • Catering and Bakery – Okay, so the beginning of this section is set up lovely just like the rest of the categories, but I did not understand what exactly went in the meal/menu purpose so I got clarification that this portion was “designed to be a place for couples to write in their menus for the wedding day/weekend; for instance, at a more traditional wedding, this would include the Rehearsal dinner menu and Reception lunch/dinner menu; but I know couples often do a morning-after brunch or maybe another wedding meal event during the weekend, and so we included multiple slots for this info so it could be as flexible as possible for recording the finalized menu.”
  • Additional sections – Music (has cute activity suggestions as well!!!), Photography/Videography, Florals/Decor, Honeymoon (great place to keep your flight/hotel/car rental info)


  • Then another great section is the Wedding Day Timeline, Roles, and Transportation – This section includes a page with timeline essentials and a space to add in a time and details about that specific thing! SO helpful to have this handy when you are planning your timeline to make sure you don’t miss anything important as you lay it out! Other things I love in this section include: Day-Of Duties – which is a great reminder that it is SO important to delegate duties for the day of the wedding (and before) and let people help you! This section helps you think of tasks to delegate people to, as well as keep track of who is supposed to be doing what. On that same thought, the Day-Of Contacts in addition to the Day-Of Duties is a great way for someone like the Maid of Honor to help delegate things on your wedding day so you aren’t stressed!

wedlove-wedding-planner-getinspiredguide-louisiana-weddingGet Inspired – This section is so cool! First, I have to say I LOOOOOVE the detail of the information here – you learn a lot about the different areas but you aren’t overwhelmed with text. In the photo above you can see what I mean a little bit with the Color Palettes – but the Floral Guide ya’ll – this section has not only a painting of the flower but the season its good to find that flower in, the name of the flower, the price point, and color spectrum for that flower!

Other mini-sections in the Get Inspired portion include: Modern Etiquette (helpful for addressing envelopes, setting up your registry (GREAT suggestions in the notes for this!!), setting the table (with a chart that tells you how to know what size cloth you need for what size table…ya’ll I told you this planner is super helpful!), centerpieces (DESSERT CENTERPIECES – yes please!), wedding websites and hashtags!


Then our last lovely tab would be The Notebook section, and ya’ll one of my FAVORITE features is the fact that there are so many (but not TOO many) blank notebook pages throughout this planner, in each section, for you to write down notes about that particular area. But in the back there is a whole section for you to write down ideas, sketch things out, or questions to ask vendors, etc.

BONUS – Hidden in the back of The Notebook section is a super cute mini-section called Let’s Get Married, where you get to wrap up your wedding planning journey with your favorite photo from your wedding day and write some prompted favorite memories from your wedding!

This wedding planner has a beautiful, clean design that helps you plan without being overwhelmed with text and information! You fill things in, instead of reading through pages and pages of info. It is also a PERFECT size to keep with you in your purse or on your desk. I highly recommend bringing this with you to work (in case you get a call from a vendor or family member with questions about the wedding), or in case you need to stop by for a meeting with a vendor throughout your day. Last, like I mentioned in the notebook section, I love that there is plenty of space to write things down so you don’t have to have a separate notebook for additional things – everything just stays there together!


We love these beautiful wedding planners so much that we will now be selling them here on our site and over at our studio downtown! Head on over and pre-order yours today and receive a special gift from us, until September 28, 2016!

We know you will love this wedding planner just as much as we do!

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