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Southern Weddings Planner Review and Why You Need One!

Southern Weddings Planner Review and Why You Need One!


Since day one, I have been itching to share this beautiful Southern Weddings Planner with all of you! I truly believe it is one of the best tools you can have along with you during your wedding planning journey! So much so, that we gift each and every one of our own wedding clients with this planner to help them as they begin planning not only their wedding, but their lives together.


The Southern Weddings Planner was created by the beautiful ladies behind Southern Weddings Magazine.

The mission of Southern Weddings is to inspire brides to cultivate a life full of love — celebrating their families, the culture of the South, and what matters most to them — and then to draw from that rich well to create a meaningful beginning to married life.

With that same purpose in mind, these lovely ladies have created a very meaningful wedding planner to encourage brides to plan marriages more beautiful than their weddings.


This wedding planner is full of wonderfully helpful tools to help you plan every aspect of your wedding. One of my favorites being a handy checklist with suggestions of what to take care of 12-9 months before your wedding, 9-6 months before your wedding, 6-3 months before your wedding, and 3-0 months before your wedding. Ya’ll, this thing is not only helpful it is absolutely beautiful! So much love and thoughtfulness went into every detail.



Southern Weddings Planner Highlights

I wanted to share a few highlights from the planner with you as well, so I will briefly go through each of the 10 tabs and share just some of the handy things you can find inside:

1. Gathering Inspiration
What a beautiful place to start…dreaming. This section includes a brainstorming worksheet and many places for gathering visual inspiration. This is one of the many places for you to grab those bridal magazines you have laying around (or coming to your doorstep) and build a real life Pinterest board of your wedding. We always find such great ideas on Pinterest, but there is nothing like cutting and pasting together by hand your own dream board of ideas!

2. Budgeting – This is something that needs to be tackled very early in the wedding planning process because it sets the stage for so many questions and decisions to come. This wedding planner helps you sort through and decide your priorities for your wedding, gives you a budgeting spreadsheet, a vendor pricing guide (so you have at least an idea of what certain vendors charge), and lots and lots of tips and suggestions!

3. Working with Vendors – One of the most intimidating parts of planning your wedding can be choosing your vendors. It is so important that you are well informed about each person you work with and we can’t suggest enough how important it is to meet them face to face and make sure that you feel comfortable working together. The Southern Weddings Planner gives you the tools to prepare for those meetings with tips for working with different vendors, general tips for finding and hiring vendors, and a place to keep track of all your meetings and the information you gather. One of my other favorite parts of this section is that it includes sample wording for your stationary such as Save the Dates, your invitations, reception cards and response cards.

4. The Look – Yes, the dress! The dresses, tuxes, hair, makeup, shoes, and jewelry – this is another spot for you to dream and plan! Some of the things this section includes are an inspiration guide for dress types and spots to collect important measurements and notes about each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

5. Planning Your Ceremony – The ceremony will be one of the places where you might have to make a lot of decisions and answer a lot of questions. Some of the things the Southern Weddings Planner includes in this section are a basic ceremony structure (so you have an idea of what all a ceremony could include), common rituals and traditions that go on during the ceremony, questions to ask, tips for writing vows (with examples!), and a place to plan out a timeline.

6. Planning Reception – Usually you get to relax and enjoy the party a bit more during the reception! This section includes tips for choosing your meal, seating arrangements, traditions that go on during the reception, and song selection for those significant parts of the evening (like your first dance, father-daughter dance, bouquet toss, etc.)

7. Gracious Southern Bride – In true Southern Weddings style, they have included a section on southern hospitality, sending Thank You notes, and gift suggestions for your spouse, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and vendors.

8. Logistics – This section includes information you will find super helpful for building a timeline for your wedding day, booking transportation, booking room blocks, and getting your marriage license. The little things that must be taken care of! (We also highly suggest checking out our recent post with specific information for getting your marriage license in the Lake Area!)

9. Marriage Planning – Okay, this is my favorite section of the whole Southern Weddings Planner, and honestly it is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding planning experience. This section is all about you and your spouse-to-be and how you can make your marriage even more beautiful than your wedding day. This is so important, because this is what it is all about! The wedding is the celebration of your marriage, and your marriage is the beautiful life you are beginning together. This section includes fun questions, suggestions of things to do together (to just enjoy each other and take some time to relax during this whole process), 10 hints for a happy marriage, a name changing checklist, and an anniversary gift guide.

10. Appendix – This is the last section and are the final useful tidbits for planning your wedding. Some of the things this section includes are southern traditions, a rehearsal dinner guide, registry tips and a list of sources that the ladies from Southern Weddings highly recommend checking out.


Hands down, we believe this is a must have for every bride! Whether you are a bride who stumbled upon this post, mother-of-the-bride, or know someone getting married, we highly suggest checking out the Southern Weddings Planner and all the fun things the ladies of Southern Weddings have going on. We started the Louisiana Wedding blog to help Lake Area brides plan their weddings and build beautiful marriages, and we believe that Southern Weddings is doing that for couples all over the south as well!

If you would like to find out more about the Southern Weddings Planner (or purchase one for yourself, or a bride you know and love) you can do so here.

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Image by Tademy Photography -
Image by Tademy Photography –

What do you think of the Southern Weddings Planner? Do you want one for planning your own wedding? Do you have one already – what do you think? We can’t wait to hear how the Southern Weddings Planner has helped you!


  • Lisa @ Southern Weddings August 5, 2015 at 8:08 am

    Thank you SO much for your sweet words and support!! We’re so thrilled that you love the Southern Weddings Planner! 🙂

    • Chelsea @ The Louisiana Wedding August 25, 2015 at 5:53 pm

      Thank you Lisa for stopping by and reading through our post! You all have created a beautiful product, the least I can do is share this helpful tool with our local brides.

  • Emily @ Southern Weddings August 5, 2015 at 8:13 am

    Thank you so much for this sweet review!! You highlighted so many of the things we love about the Planner and that make us proud of it, and are so glad you agree! Thanks again for sharing!

    • Chelsea @ The Louisiana Wedding August 25, 2015 at 5:55 pm

      Thank you so much for stopping by Emily! You all are doing such a wonderful job at Southern Weddings!

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