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Resources 2017

Resources 2017

Since day one, I have been itching to share this beautiful Southern Weddings Planner with all of you! I truly believe it is one of the best tools you can have along with you during your wedding planning journey! So much so, that we gift each and every one of our own wedding clients with this planner to help them as they begin planning not only their wedding, but their lives together!

View our review of this beautiful wedding planner here. Purchase yours, and start planning your wedding day here.

We have a FABULOUS book list that will encourage the building of a strong and thriving marriage/relationship. We hope you are able to read through these books together and/or discuss what you learn!

Team Us: Marriage Together
by Ashleigh Slater
You can read my review here.


Financial Peace Revisited
by Dave Ramsey


Happy Wives Club
by Fawn Weaver

Options for reading the books listed:
When we first compiled this book list, we knew we wanted to actually give a range of possible ways for you to read along. Personally, I love having a physical copy of a book to read through, copy notes in, and highlight parts that stick out to me. While it is harder for me to make time to sit down with a physical copy of a book to read than to listen to an audio version, I know everyone has different circumstances and preferences so I have a few options for you!

1. Get a physical copy.
You can swing in to Books-a-Million to grab your copy. I would suggest giving them a call (337-436-3577) to make sure they have one available and then have them hold a copy for you to pick up. If you currently do not have a copy in store, you can ask them to order you one to arrive in the next weekly shipment.

If you would like your physical copy a little faster, or do not have time to swing by the store, you can order a copy on Amazon and it will be delivered right to your doorstep in as few as one to two days depending on your shipping choice!

2. Get the audio version.
This option works best if you might be too busy to plan actual quiet time to read a physical copy, or spend a good bit of time in your car or sitting at your computer. A great source for listening to the audio version of this months book, is to sign up for a 30-day Free Trial from Using Audible to participate in the book club works great because you get a free credit to use every month + discounts on additional books you would like to listen to as well! You are able to download the Audible app right to your phone and listen to your book(s) as you go about your day. So when you end up waiting a little bit longer at the doctors office, you have your book right there on your phone to listen to while you wait! I highly suggest signing up for the 30-day Free Trial to at least see how it works for you with this first book.


Are you reading these books along with us? We would love for you to share photos and quotes from the book on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #lawedbookclub (and be sure to tag and follow us as well @louisianawedding) or shoot us an e-mail at, and encourage your friends to join in with you as well!

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