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Previously, The Louisiana Wedding

Previously, The Louisiana Wedding

Hey everyone, we have been MIA for the past few months – but I am back and things are (obviously) a little different around here!

When the Lord first put this blog on my heart, I knew He had big plans for it. To be honest, when I couldn’t find the time to grow this resource I got super discouraged. I had so many plans and so much passion for helping Lake Area couples build beautiful marriages on a solid foundation and for a while, we even hired a writer to help keep up the blogging on a more consistent basis. But then I found myself back in a rut of inconsistent posting.

I was doing research a week or so ago, and starting thinking about how little I knew about Southwest Louisiana (although I have lived here my whole life). I have always had a love of Louisiana, the history, and how different and special this place we call home is from the rest of the United States. But instead of starting ANOTHER blog (when I wasn’t keeping up with this one as much as I wanted to begin with) I decided to focus The Louisiana Wedding more, making it more obviously local to Southwest Louisiana (which was my goal all along).

The love is still there, and all things wedding planning specifically in Southwest Louisiana/the Lake Area has been integrated into this dedicated wedding photography site!

I started The Louisiana Wedding blog in 2015, and since then I have realized that there is so much more to Southwest Louisiana than we give it credit for! This is such a special place to live and do life. I have so many exciting ideas, activities and plans up my sleeve to help SWLA folks and families really learn and enjoy what this great part of the Boot has to offer.

So please join me in celebrating the official birthday of our Tademy Weddings site, where we help you build a marriage that only starts on your wedding day!

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