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Pizza Fest 2018 Lake Charles, Louisiana

Pizza Fest 2018 Lake Charles, Louisiana

As you guys know, we post every month about outings and activities that you and your spouse (or spouse to be) can participate in. We are also going to start posting (again) about what some of these experiences are actually like in reality. You guessed it! Date Night Adventures has returned! In an effort to start off with a bang, I packed up my gear…ok, my iPhone….and headed out to Lake Charles, Louisiana’s first annual Pizza Fest!

I’ll admit, early on I was a bit skeptical about the premise of a pizza fest. We have a few pizzerias here that are local standards (here’s to you, Mr. Gatti’s) and I’ll admit I frequent some of the chains more than I should. So what would the hype even be? But it was Saturday and the beau and I needed to get out of the house. The weather wasn’t ideal for an outdoor event, but the rain held off. Despite the clouds and the slightly aggressive breeze (that kept trying to steal all my napkins), I didn’t need anything more than a light pullover. The event was held in the parking lot behind Sloppy’s Downtown and the shops in it’s vicinity. It was the perfect size for the ebb and flow of the event. It was open entry, but the food was available at different prices: $3 got you a slice of pizza, $10 got you a wristband that included 2 drinks and 5 slices, and adult beverages were available for $5. I had worked up an appetite so I sprung for the wristband.  I wasn’t going to be greedy alone so I got my other half a wristband too.

Available to try were choices from Sloppy’s, On the Rocks, Cici’s, and the newcomer Mellow Mushroom. Notably absent were Little Ceasar’s and Mr. Gatti’s. While the supply wasn’t bottomless and there were some long waits for fresh pizza to be brought back out, the selection was enough to make sure we didn’t go more than 30 minutes without some cheesy, gooey goodness to bite into. I didn’t realize until it was over, but there was actually a voting process on who’s pizza was the best. I was fully occupied and probably wouldn’t have been able to cast an unbiased vote anyway. It was all delicious if you ask me. The time went by pretty fast, as we were busy rocking out to all of the live bands and taking in art and jewelry from all the local vendors. There was a live mural painting (pizza themed, of coursed) as well as fun jumps and games for the little ones in attendance. I was so tickled by all the toddlers dancing that we’d been out there for about four hours!

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed with Pizza Fest. For a first year event it was great and I can’t wait to see what it grows into! My only problem is I think maybe it should be semi-annual. Or am I just being greedy again? Not quite sure, but make sure you check it out next year and see if Mellow Mushroom maintains the Pizza crown for the Lake Area!


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