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Air1 Positive Hits Tour – Date Night Adventure Lake Charles, LA

Air1 Positive Hits Tour – Date Night Adventure Lake Charles, LA

You know you need a date night when the thought of a date night seems like so much work. Today, we are sharing a “Throwback” date night from a few months back when we took a day trip to Lafayette, LA to watch the Air1 Positive Hits Tour! After a busy few weeks, it was definitely time for Leroy and I to hit the town! We dropped the kiddos off and made our way an hour down the interstate to Crossroads Church in Lafayette. (Shout out to Crossroads and all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make everything run super smoothly for a first night run!!)

Leroy and I are regular Air1 listeners. In fact, anytime our radio is on we are listening to Air1. We sing along to many of the great Christian songs that Air1 plays all day, and honestly, I just could not wait to sing along to all these songs and get to see the artists perform in person! We were not disappointed! In fact, this was officially the best concert I have ever been to. Nothing beats worshiping with some awesome artist and singing to Jesus.

It helped that my date was super handsome and bought me an Air1 t-shirt + Jamie Grace autographed our daughters cd 😉



First artist up was OBB. An awesome band of brothers – Zach (oldest/lead singer), Jacob (middle brother/guitar), and Nich (youngest/drums) Oswald.

Our favorite songAll Eyes On You from their upcoming album Bright Side which releases on September 30, 2014.


Next up was Moriah Peters. She did awesome and her girls are most definitely talented musically as well as they jumped from instrument to instrument.
They did have some first night technical difficulties when the girls came out in the audience to sing, but they made it work.
Our favorite songYou Carry Me from her new album Brave.


Then there was Leroy’s favorite of the night because of their top level energy, Rapture Ruckus. They travelled all the way from New Zealand to be apart of the Air1 Positive Hits Tour!
Our favorite songIn This Together


Next up was Royal Tailor. I think the iTunes description from their newest self-titled album explains them best: “versatile, uplifting, and contemporary mix of rock and dance-pop with a little sleek rap.” We were excited to see them perform because our children (3 years and 11 months) walk around the house singing one of their newest songs! (In fact…in the middle of typing this my kids and I had to stop and have a “Ready, Set, Go” Dance Break via the SoundCloud application on their website.)
Our favorite songsReady, Set, Go (featuring Capitol Kings) and Remain


After that we were mellowed out by the awesome vocal skills of Jonathan Thulin. I’m going to let ya’ll know that Leroy has a favorite song…when it comes on he turns it up nearly all the way and sings like no one else is around him…and that song happens to be “Architecture” by Jonathan Thulin. We were surprised to find out that Jonathan is actually originally from Sweden and he is only a few months younger than me. He is amazingly talented!
Our favorite songsArchitecture  and Dead Come To Life


Last performance of the night was reserved for the one and only Jamie Grace. Our family are definitely Jamie Grace fans so we were super excited to have the opportunity to take a photo with her and get her to autograph her newest album for our daughter. Jamie was definitely the person who left the biggest impression on my heart from this concert. I love that she isn’t afraid to let you know she is madly in love with Jesus and that He deserves all the praise and worship. She knows she is looked up to by younger girls and she takes that opportunity to direct them to the love of Christ. Pure awesome. We popped her newest CD in our car stereo on the way home and I can’t foresee it being taken out anytime soon.
Our favorite songsBeautiful DayDo Life BigTo Love You Back



This date night was one for the record books! What date night adventures did you and your favorite have this month? Feel free to comment below!


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